Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Pacquiao :: Fight Night at the Tank

Fight Night at the Tank on November 20 will showcase our homegirl, Melissa McMorrow, and for an added treat, the evening's main event highlights our very own Filipino boxer, Bobby Pacquiao, Manny's little brother, vs. Mexico's Sandro Marcos. It will definitely be a grand night of blows and fighting, a perfect warm up for the up and coming boxing year-end event: Manny Pacquiao vs de la Hoya on December 6.

Monday, October 20, 2008

melissa mcmorrow fights in San Jose

Our SF boxing group is once again proud to announce that our home girl, Melissa McMorrow who used to train at 3rd Street Boxing Gym in the Dogpatch 'hood near Potrero Hill is scheduled for her 2nd Professional Boxing fight after a successful win on her debut Pro-fight at the Playboy Mansion against Mayela Perez.

On November 20, 2008, at the HP Pavillion in San Jose, join us in full support of Melissa McMorrow on "Fight Night at the Tank".

Friday, September 5, 2008

a tribute to a boxer mom

This segment was extracted from a short series by, Juan Miguel Tanato, my son. It is his tribute to his mother and my tribute to my sport and my only son. I proudly share his creative rendition to the world; in its purest form sans editorials ..


a boxing bibliophile

Short, black hair. It's a lot easier to work out with, rather than long hair that you have to worry about getting in your face every 5 seconds, she says. Aspasia has two loves: books and boxing. Every time she goes to class, it's the same red gloves, black wraps and a cute, stylish outfit, suitable for working out in. Boxing is the best, she says. It's one of her passions that she can't let go of. Seeing Aspasia in her natural habitat, which is her comfy red couch curled up with a nice cup of coffee and a 1000+ page book, you can definitely tell that she's not all looks and brawn, but brains too.

The sight of books excites Aspasia as much as it would a dog to see a strip of Beggin' Strips floating just feet above his snout. Her bookcase overflows with books and names such as Nietzsche, Marx, Jung, and plethora of brilliant minds. Each book spills with different ideas and theories, just waiting for someone to pick them up and read them. Aspasia's bond with her books remains so strong that if she is separated with them for even a month, her spark and energy slowly withers away.

She wishes you could just be paid to work out and box. Boxing is love, to Aspasia. The smell of sweat, the feeling you get when you make contact with your hit, the bobbing and the weaving, it's all part of the love she just can't let go of.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

in deep prayer

After a gruelling nine rounds of pound by pound blows to the defeated David Diaz, Pacman kneels in gratitude and prayer after a powerful knock down. He sliced and diced Diaz with combination punches, winning a fourth title in four divisions. A boxing legend and Filipino hero, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, never fails to thank his maker.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Up Close and Personal :: Pacman

Inside the ring, Pacman's entourage stood between us and our hero. We were still content when they finally agreed to smuggle our gloves right into the queue for his signature. A smile of victory!

We finally made it up close and personal as he exits out of the ring. He clearly has reached rockstar status, as his bodyguards encircled him in locked arms, as in a human chain.

Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton

It was a dream come true for our girl, Cindi, to meet and pose with Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton. A year or two ago we saw her fight at the Bill Graham Auditorium and we were inspired by her strength, agility, determination, and hurricane-like speed. Though encapsulated by a very sweet Filipina smile, her power is formidable, sort of like our Cindi. Sweet smiles, lethal punches. Maria Clara, we've come a long way baby!

Mabuhay to the new Filipina!

Manny Pacquiao - Public Workout Pt Two

Manny Pacquiao - Public Workout Pt One

David Diaz - Public Workout Pt Two

David Diaz - Public Workout Pt One

Freddie Roach

It was worth taking time off from my Saturday morning gym routine if only to get a glimpse of my Philippine boxing hero, Manny Pacquiao. Albeit the gray and misty day, Shawna and I trekked across the silver bridge right into Berkeley's University Avenue to attend the open workout and meet-the-press promo event for the up and coming Pacman vs Diaz fight on June 28, 2008 at Vegas' Mandalay Bay.

At the West Wind Karate gym droves of fans waited in anticipation to watch the skillful display of dexterity, footwork and physical prowess of both David Diaz and Manny Pacman. After patiently waiting with the massive crowd in order to get our gloves signed, I figured we would get nowhere! I led our way towards the groupie backdoor and snuck into the "backstage" until we inched our way inside the ring.

While Pacman was surrounded by his loyal goons and entourage, Shawna and I decided to meet the legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach, currently mentor and trainer of the Philippine's prized fighter, among many of the champions who have gained stardom under his tutelage.

We were star struck, can't you tell? We ultimately made our way towards Pacman's back, as the poor champ was sweating it out with his sharpie pen signing gloves, posters and shirts en masse. A couple of his bodyguards took pity over us and agreed to sneak our gloves in front of the signing queue. We have signed gloves of Pacman, Roach and Diaz! YAY!

Pacman v Diaz :: Open Workout

Friday, May 30, 2008

a boxing invitation @ Playboy Mansion

You are cordially invited to a party in the PLAYBOY MANSION

an evening of wine, food, fights (and possibly benefits?) for $1,000.00 per head.

Fight night debuts our pride: amateur champion girlfighter into the world of Pro-Boxing

at the "Mansion" : 06.25.2008 : 6pm - midnight

Melissa McMorrow

She formerly trained while as an amateur fighter at our boxing gyms:

Third Street Boxing Gym and Titanium Training Center

contact me by posting a Comment if seriously interested

pacman vs diaz Press Conference in Berkeley

Our the Filipino hero and heart throb of the Boxing Community, along with legendary coach, Freddie Roach, will be in the Bay Area tomorrow, 31st of May, Saturday in Berkeley for a workout, promo and press conference, in prep for the "Pacman vs Diaz" bout in Vegas, where our homeboy Manny Pacquiao furthers his career into the next fight-weight level. The venue:
West Wind Karate at University Avenue.

I am personally happy that the promo is held on a Saturday (and not a workday, remember the Titanium Training Center promo of the last fight held during a midweek Wednesday).

Pictures, videos and commentaries will be posted.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

shadow of the giants - golden boy espinosa back home

He should have been a Philippine boxing legend of the Flash Elorde genre, certain boxing experts have noted, instead, Philippine golden boy, Luisito Espinosa has managed to stand behind the shadow of boxing giants. In early December, the San Francisco Examiner Weekend edition published a short article on Espinosa as a soft, human interest story - a side boxing tidbit during the Mayweather-Hatton weekend fight. This week, Luis has flown back home to Manila, coincidentally (or not), at the same time that current Philippine boxing hero and legend, Manny Pacquiao returns home with his new boxing title garnered from his latest fight against Juan Manuel Marquez.

An online Philippine sports news reports on Espinosa's homecoming. As a tribute to a great fighter (as well as trainer as he occasionally works with us on the mitts at 3rd Street Boxing gym), the following attempts to translate the Tagalog responses of Luisito.

Luisito on his homecoming:
"Masaya ako at nakabalik ako dito sa bansa natin. Nakakatuwa dahil nakito ko ulit yung mga tao na nakilala ko nung world champion pa ko."
I am happy to be back here in our country. I am also glad because I have seen the people that have known me since during the period when I was a world champion.

Luisito on the controversial monies owed from his last major fight in the Philippines:
"Sana mabayaran na ako kasi pinaghirapan ko din naman yun. Ang hinihingi ko lang naman ay yung kung ano ang dapat para sa akin."
I hope that I will be paid finally since I worked hard for that money. I simply ask for that which is due to me, that's all.

Liza Elorde's wife on Luisito:
"Wala nang nakakilala sa kanya nung dumating ..."
No one really recognized him when he arrived ...

Luisito's differing view from Elorde's widow:
"Nagpapasalamat ako at may nakakilala pa sa akin. Sa pakiramdam ko hindi pa din nasayang yung hirap ko para mabigyan ng karangalan ang bansa natin."
I am still grateful that there are some that recognized me. I strongly feel that I my hard work and effort was not wasted as I succeeded in bringing honor to our country.

Was Luisito hiding behind the shadow of the giant or did he attempt to juxtapose himself beside the giant? Is his homecoming an attempt to ride the wave of the current hero of Philippine boxing fans? Only Luisito would know, deep inside his heart.

Fairtex Gym

One day I noticed a Fairtex gym somewhere around Mountain View while driving en route from work to home. I've made a mental note to inquire on whether they offer boxing classes. I have been familiar with Fairtex where Muay Thai Kickboxing is concerned. Back in the early 2000s, the Fairtex gym developed a following when former Thai Kickboxing champion, Alex Gong, brought Thai Kickboxing fame into San Francisco. He was infamous among martial artists and boxers as he was a savvy entrepreneur and a skilled martial artist, well, up until his very tragic and fatal end. It was a great loss for all martial artist aficionados, a very sad and bleak day. The Fairtex story continued nevertheless and has mushroomed, albeit gradually, around the bay.

I engaged in a few email exchange with Nissa at Fairtex who unfortunately reported back that Fairtex does not currently offer boxing classes, neither in the San Francisco, nor Mountain View location. A shortage of competent instructors as well as low attendance were the main reason for possibly their management's decision to withhold pursuing boxing as a class offering. I appreciated the honest and quick response turnaround. The main focus of the gym centers around Muay Thai and other MMA related sports. I guess my quest for a Silicon Valley boxing gym continues, however, I would unhesitatingly refer folks over to Fairtex for those inclined to pursue martial arts.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Undisputed Boxing Gym

In an effort to cut my commute to half as well as create a sort of "carrot stick" to compensate for my daily sojourn from South of Market into the heart of Silicon Valley, I searched and scrambled around for an old school boxing gym. During a conversation with Ben Bautista, a reputable trainer and gym owner from SFC Boxing Gym, I asked him what were the options for a true boxing gym in the Silicon Valley and Peninsula. He recommended Undisputed Boxing Gym.

Its strategic location, at the Holly Street exit on 101, on East San Carlos Avenue and Industrial, indeed cuts my commute into half. I finally ventured into the area after work today. The class schedule indicated that there were a few boxing conditioning classes as well as a sparring class on Fridays. I was excited when I found my rock star parking right by the entrance and walked right into a huge gym facility with many punching bags and two full sized rings! I arrived during the Cardio Kickboxing class and noticed most of the students were your typical suburban folks: of the student and the rest of San Carlos suburban genre. The vibe was strange, it was like a cross between a 24 Hour Fitness and, hmm, the Peninsula! If boxing gyms were paired with a radio station, I would say that this gym is definitely a 98.1 Kiss fm, old school hiphop and overall dance music, it was quite amusing. Instead of feeling gangstah, I suddenly had the urge to get down!

I was quite disappointed to find out that the Boxing Conditioning class that I was looking forward to all day was a cross between a body conditioning and weights class mixed with some form of cardio. When I talked to the instructor, he condescendingly asked me if I wanted to "hit the bags". I stared back and simply stated, "I expected a true boxing class." He pointed me towards the rear and told me that I am more than welcome to join the fighters train.

Without hesitation, I joined the fighters train. Their fighters were not as impressive as the 3rd Street, King's Gym, SFC boxing gym and Titanium Training Center fights. I mean, I'm sure I would take my share of beating from them, after all most of the girlfighters were under 25 college students. (Though I would bet a good amount to see our prized fighter Melissa give them a run for their dollah.)

The good news is I like their pricing model! It is a week free to try out the gym for seven consecutive days. Thereafter a fast-pass option of $150.00 for a 10 class pass. I will give the gym another try for a couple more days. One guy in the "fighter's corner" told me that if I hangout long enough and "prove myself", Ed, the owner and ex-champion now-trainer, usually trains boxers one-on-one after bag-work. Fridays are unofficial sparring where Ed supervises the fighters taking a stab at each other in the ring.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

mr. unstoppable

In one of those over the coffee maker chit-chats at work, my co-worker told me about a Youtube video of various scenes of Roy Jones Jr.'s fight. He was one fast fighter with powerful left jab, left hook combinations. In watching his moves I could not help wonder whether the will has pushed this man to keep moving on, punch forward, intimidate the opponent. The mind and body becomes one as the will to survive overwhelms a person's being during moments inside the ring.

Mr. Unstoppable himself, Roy Jones Jr.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pacman Victory for the Homeland

The Ides of March in the year 2008, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao grabbed the World Boxing Council's Superfeatherweight boxing title from incumbent, Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico based on a split decision among three veteran judges at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay. Although I planned to treat myself to the fight over the weekend, certain work-related commitments simply got in the way. A couple of days later, while nestled comfortably amidst my fluffy pillows and glued into the television screen, I enjoyed the action packed twelve rounds of close fighting match between my homeboy Pacman and Marquez. It was a gripping match so that it is inevitable that post-fight, a few naysayers and bunch of crap emerged from various camps and the rest of the boxing fans. It is what it is, and yet, majority of the Filipino people smile proudly in unision, to our Pacman and P-I-L-I-P-I-N-O boxing victory! Our politics and economy may be a mess, but we can put up a "hella" fight!

Let's checkout what Pacman has to say to the Filipino press post-fight interview.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pacman Workout Video in San Francisco

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ana "the hurricane" Julaton

Almost a year ago, sometime in March 2007, my boxing classmates and local SF boxing fans enjoyed many rounds of fighting bouts at the Bill Graham Civic Center Auditorium during the SF Championships, where local fighters showcased their skills of punch and dexterity. There were a few girlfighters, but the most impressionable fight was one where a young Filipina boxer glided like a butterfly and stung venomous strikes. She won the match, her name was Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton.

Who would have known, a year later, one of us striked a pose with "the Hurricane" at last Wednesday's Pacman Media day? Double treat, double boxing stars, from the land of my birth.

Where is Espinosa?

I knew who "Espinosa" was [is} especially during our boxer's training at 3rd Street Boxing Gym. I see him train there and coach .. just like anyone.

Until my classmate Isreal told me about Espinosa's past. Net-net, he seemed to be a victim of PR and bad mgmt.

While cognizant of Espinosa's plight, myself, Israel and certain friends wonder .. what gives? Why was Pacman productized as expected, and others not?

A silly question for those metaphysic thinkers..

Why Pacman and not Espinosa ( during his times? )

Can Espinosa help now?

Pacman's Blog

Manny Pacman updated his blog at the Philippine Boxing blogsite after today's Meet the Press event in San Francisco.

Later on, Isreal, our boxing classmate, emailed me to request for an English translation of his predominantly Tagalog blog. When I read the original text, I was more than honored to translate his thoughts. More than being a boxer, my heart throbbed as I read, in Tagalog text, his last paragraph, in his attempt to reconcile and unite (in a Garibaldi and Vittore Emmanuele fashion) the very disparate Filipino people. Hence, I indulged. And the following is my humble translation from our mother tongue.

Allora, Pacman ... in contriamo nel centro!

The following is an attempt to translate the gist and content of Pacman's experience, today in San Francisco.

English Text Translation:

I am just fine, happy and healthy in body and mind; while I am excited to courageously face the fight on March 15 in Las Vegas.

I have just returned from a media day in San Francisco this Wednesday. I was very happy to return to the place where I have first achieved my first victory in America.

There were multitudes of people that welcomed me which included the media, boxing fans and friend. I could not fathom how seven years have passed since the first time I have set foot in America. I remembered how young and impressionable I was, full of hope and dreams. In those early years in America I was an unknown boxer as most of my success in boxing occurred in Asia. Today, all I can say is: I love San Francisco.

It is beautiful to remember the past. As an old adage goes, a person who is unable to acknowledge his past will be unable to reach his goal and destination. [ This is the closest English translation to a Tagalog adage originally penned by the original Philippine pride and National hero, our very own renaissance man of the late 1800s, Dr. Jose Rizal, among many socio-cultural, political and wise thoughts he has left for us peoples to inherit post-Execution in Bagumbayan Field. The attempt of Pacman to quote a classic Filipino intelligentsia mirrors his sincere yet traditional soulful being- Filipino-nes, if you will. ]

I believe in the above mentioned Filipino adage hence I have not changed in my approach in dealing with people, with humanity, even if at certain times, I have been deceived and cheated, perhaps resulting from my own naive state.

Last May 2001, my manager, Rod Nazario, and I journeyed into America in order to face my destiny that was about to unfold in the coming future. In San Francisco, our airplane touched down, where we were hospitably accommodated by Kuya Boying, Rod's son.

By the roadside I would perform my morning run, all by myself. During those times, I was on my own, without a trainer and coach or companion to guide me in endeavors. I did not have a boxing fan base since my fights were not yet featured in American television. While in search for the best trainer in Los Angeles, the ultimate event that had to occur has happened: my path has crossed with Freddie Roach. The meeting culminated in the biggest break in my boxing career: I was included as an undercard in the Oscar De La Hoya vs Javier Castillejo bout, as a pay-per-view event.

In only two weeks to the event, we unhesitatingly accepted the challenge to fight against the informidable IBF super bantamweight division champion: Lehlohonolo Ledwaba of South Africa. During my training with Freddie Roach, I was also supported by "Tatay" Ben Delgado and cutman Ruben Gomez. Many have forewarned me that it would be a tough challenge against the South African as many priors have refused to fight him. I was the last-minute opponent as the original fighter backed out. In retrospect, I have realized how far I have reached since that first fight in June 23, 2001 at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

In the upcoming fight in Las Vegas against Juan Manuel Marquez, that impressionable and perhaps naive juventus (young boy) will be ready to fight, this time, without fear and with all might and fury (walang takot kumakasa kahit kanino - [ walang pakundangan! ]). The juventus who stemmed from a humble flyweight (112 lbs) division beginnings is now pushing 130 pounds. A certain esteemed journalist from Manila has mentioned that I may potentially encounter an issue when I reach 130 lbs. He further mentioned that I am actually closed to 138.5 lbs as of last Sunday, based upon his source who allegedly lurks in my pad [ a mole? ].

I would only wish to send a message to this esteemed writer, that he should not believe hearsay that is unfounded by empirical evidence. I have been involved in the trade of boxing for many years, and there is no one, but myself, who is capable of assessing the certitude of my being, as a boxer in mind and body. I would implore the public to disregard hearsay vis a vis the weight issue as everything is under control, no problem! Perhaps it would be safe to deduce that the journalist has propagated a lie, since I have not weighed myself last Sunday. [doh]

Oh well, people! [ FYI - this is a very Filipino expression, almost like a gesture of helplessness over a hopeless situation; I believe this *sigh* stems from a Latin gesticulation, reminding me of Romans with their hands while sigh'ing ... eh, Bo!"]

I hope that we will all be united and together we pray for our success for each other. I hope that we avoid the "crab mentality" so that we can, as a people, progress as ...


Until the next "Kumbinasyon" blog! God Bless.

Signed Gloves

My homeboy with his signed Pacman Gloves

A Pacman Moment

Of course, with his homeboy, Boboy!

Titanium Founder

Kudos to Simon Redmond (to-the-right, to-the-right), founder and partner of Titanium Boxing Gym for "Pacman" memorable event. To-the-left, to-the-left, is yet another US champ, our charming 3rd Street Boxing Gym instructor, Paris.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Local Boxers and Pacman

I may not have made it to the lunch hour event ( saddest day in my Cinderella life), I'm still ecstatic, my boxing classmates enjoyed each moment for me and the rest who were in absentia.

Sfboxing .. Represent!

Pacman meets SF Press

Impressionable turnout in this Wednesday's press boxing day where Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and his legendary trainer, Freddie Roach meets the San Francisco press, boxing fans and friends at a very cool and down-to-earth San Francisco boxing gym: the Titanium Training Center.

Prior to the "Meet the Press, Fans and SF city 'call-in-sick-guys' ", the 130 lbs Philippine hero worked out a sweat in the ring. How cool is that?

Manny Pacman .. in the house !

Manny Pacman in the heart of the SF Bay Area!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Meet Pacman at Titanium

This coming week, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao will meet the press at San Francisco's very own Titanium Training Center in an effort to promote his upcoming match against Marquez on March 15, 2008 at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay.

What: Pacman meets the Press at Titanium

Where: Titanium Training Center :: 1436 Polk St near California

When: Wednesday : February 27, 2008

Time: 12:30pm

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pavlik v Taylor

HBO Fight nights occasionally give us local boxing students and fans an excuse to gather around amidst friends, food, wine and Pay-per-view.

Boxing house parties are more intimate and adhoc. Unlike live fights where I am personally drawn into the action, blow-by-blow, fight nights are chill-out events that give me an excuse to indulge in the fruits of the vine. Little Rock, Arkansas' Jermaine Taylor gave us a good show in a North Beach pad, as most enjoyed the fight, while I chattered away through the night with a glass of red at hand.

Charlie's Fighters

It was a great year in my world of SF boxing. Fighters both Nick and Shawna both dedicated to the art and science of the sport, pose with our beloved coach, instructor, and friend, Carlos "Charlie" Castillo.

USA Boxing @ USF's Koret

Earlier this month my alumnus, University of San Francisco, hosted the USA Boxing Championship at the Koret Recreation Center's Hagan Gym
. It was unfortunate that I missed the all-weekend sporting event. I was looking forward to support Shawna Harris, who was scheduled to fight. Yet, to her dismay, the club was unable to find a girl-fighter opponent within the same weight class and/or category, she brought home the trophy by default. :: shawna.harris

Sunday, January 27, 2008

View the blow by blow action shots at album set.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's more than entertainment to watch my comrades giving their best shot in the ring. After all, when one's involvement and passion for a hobby peaks, the desire and need to test the boundaries is an inevitable next-step, right? We may all have various day-jobs and personal issues to deal with in our brief existence, why not get into the ring?

The couple of times I saw a buddy in the ring, it was my boxing princess's fight. I was proud! It was like watching my sister's ballet recital. Last December, my good friend and I attempted to slug each other for three rounds. It was potentially scary and very tiring, yet I realized, by virtue of being the participant, and not observer, it was indeed like being in a recital.

Today, a few of my classmates attempt slug it out. It was fun! It's almost like a safe monitored way of allowing one to really check their alter egos. Because, after all, even if you're friends, pre and post ... when that motherfucker hits you in the head, in the body, you become a fighter whose main objective is to survive, you regress to being that homo sapien in the jungle! It's a sport that really reminds us of where we came from. So, when we get carried away, I think it's apart of a brief moment of recollection on our humble beginnings. Fighting in this case, feels so good, just so right!


Have you ever wondered why Ring Girls and gladiator-type boxing fights seem to come hand-in-hand? It's almost like the ultimate boxing perk, ring girls, that is. It's a candy treat especially for those male (or some SF females, perhaps?) spectators that are not really into the sport of boxing. Various shapes, sizes and smiles add a bit of flavor, color and spice to what may seem to be a primitive expression of man's very basic instinct (to fight and survive, that is, not sex, silly). Au contraire, perhaps it is why ring girls complement or augment, the violent nature of the sport, because sex and the struggle to fight for survival are indeed two fundamental requirements, a sine qua non, that ensured successful evolution and continued existence of the homo sapien.

Fight @ Crunch :: 26 Jan 2008

Crunch Van Ness's open house included the first Fight Club showcase of the year, where regular boxing students light-spar with each other as boxing trainers, Sam Natividad and Dan Rubin, take turn to referee and oversee each two-round friendly bout.

The Fight Club was held in conjunction with a
Crunch open house where various health and fitness related vendors offered a taste of their products. Each vendor station was sprawled throughout the spacious gym. A boutique day spa and salon, Burke Williams Spa located at the Westfield SF's Bloomingdale's provided 15 minute massage sessions. It was a surprising treat to enjoy the luxury of a brief back rub and neck massage in between a couple of miles jogging at the treadmill. Other vendors included various water and energy drink vendors such as, Metromint, a natural zero calorie and fat drink with a fresh dash of various fruit flavored mint. But I think my favorite station of all was Alive!, an organic-raw-vegetarian restaurant located in the Marina district. Their generous spread of three types of very healthy, yet delectable salads, was a great energy boost after a five mile treadmill jog. They also had a few tasty treats of vegetarian appetizers and desserts. It was strange to sweat, snack'n'nibble, then watch a series of surprisingly exciting fights, especially since the fighters consisted mainly of my Sunday boxing classmates. A very productive and entertaining way to begin a Saturday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fight Club @ Crunch Van Ness

Fight Club is a monthly event hosted by Sam Natividad of Crunch at Van Ness where various Crunch boxing students test their skills on the ring for a round or two of light boxing or sparring, albeit the bouts are not primarily limited to boxing.

For the month of January, Fight Club is scheduled as follows:

Where: Crunch at Van Ness

Address: 1000 Van Ness Avenue | San Francisco CA | 94109

When: Saturday | January 26, 2008

Time: 9:00am until 1:00pm

Details: Crunch members may register to fight at the Crunch Van Ness desk or call 415.931.1100. Non-crunch members are welcome to watch the fights but may not participate. Female boxers are encouraged to sign-up as Sam would like to showcase a few more girl fights for this event!

Fighters must have a mouthpiece and headgear (headgear may be available to loan for those without any).