Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Saturday, January 26, 2008


It's more than entertainment to watch my comrades giving their best shot in the ring. After all, when one's involvement and passion for a hobby peaks, the desire and need to test the boundaries is an inevitable next-step, right? We may all have various day-jobs and personal issues to deal with in our brief existence, why not get into the ring?

The couple of times I saw a buddy in the ring, it was my boxing princess's fight. I was proud! It was like watching my sister's ballet recital. Last December, my good friend and I attempted to slug each other for three rounds. It was potentially scary and very tiring, yet I realized, by virtue of being the participant, and not observer, it was indeed like being in a recital.

Today, a few of my classmates attempt slug it out. It was fun! It's almost like a safe monitored way of allowing one to really check their alter egos. Because, after all, even if you're friends, pre and post ... when that motherfucker hits you in the head, in the body, you become a fighter whose main objective is to survive, you regress to being that homo sapien in the jungle! It's a sport that really reminds us of where we came from. So, when we get carried away, I think it's apart of a brief moment of recollection on our humble beginnings. Fighting in this case, feels so good, just so right!


Have you ever wondered why Ring Girls and gladiator-type boxing fights seem to come hand-in-hand? It's almost like the ultimate boxing perk, ring girls, that is. It's a candy treat especially for those male (or some SF females, perhaps?) spectators that are not really into the sport of boxing. Various shapes, sizes and smiles add a bit of flavor, color and spice to what may seem to be a primitive expression of man's very basic instinct (to fight and survive, that is, not sex, silly). Au contraire, perhaps it is why ring girls complement or augment, the violent nature of the sport, because sex and the struggle to fight for survival are indeed two fundamental requirements, a sine qua non, that ensured successful evolution and continued existence of the homo sapien.

Fight @ Crunch :: 26 Jan 2008

Crunch Van Ness's open house included the first Fight Club showcase of the year, where regular boxing students light-spar with each other as boxing trainers, Sam Natividad and Dan Rubin, take turn to referee and oversee each two-round friendly bout.

The Fight Club was held in conjunction with a
Crunch open house where various health and fitness related vendors offered a taste of their products. Each vendor station was sprawled throughout the spacious gym. A boutique day spa and salon, Burke Williams Spa located at the Westfield SF's Bloomingdale's provided 15 minute massage sessions. It was a surprising treat to enjoy the luxury of a brief back rub and neck massage in between a couple of miles jogging at the treadmill. Other vendors included various water and energy drink vendors such as, Metromint, a natural zero calorie and fat drink with a fresh dash of various fruit flavored mint. But I think my favorite station of all was Alive!, an organic-raw-vegetarian restaurant located in the Marina district. Their generous spread of three types of very healthy, yet delectable salads, was a great energy boost after a five mile treadmill jog. They also had a few tasty treats of vegetarian appetizers and desserts. It was strange to sweat, snack'n'nibble, then watch a series of surprisingly exciting fights, especially since the fighters consisted mainly of my Sunday boxing classmates. A very productive and entertaining way to begin a Saturday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fight Club @ Crunch Van Ness

Fight Club is a monthly event hosted by Sam Natividad of Crunch at Van Ness where various Crunch boxing students test their skills on the ring for a round or two of light boxing or sparring, albeit the bouts are not primarily limited to boxing.

For the month of January, Fight Club is scheduled as follows:

Where: Crunch at Van Ness

Address: 1000 Van Ness Avenue | San Francisco CA | 94109

When: Saturday | January 26, 2008

Time: 9:00am until 1:00pm

Details: Crunch members may register to fight at the Crunch Van Ness desk or call 415.931.1100. Non-crunch members are welcome to watch the fights but may not participate. Female boxers are encouraged to sign-up as Sam would like to showcase a few more girl fights for this event!

Fighters must have a mouthpiece and headgear (headgear may be available to loan for those without any).