Friday, September 5, 2008

a tribute to a boxer mom

This segment was extracted from a short series by, Juan Miguel Tanato, my son. It is his tribute to his mother and my tribute to my sport and my only son. I proudly share his creative rendition to the world; in its purest form sans editorials ..


a boxing bibliophile

Short, black hair. It's a lot easier to work out with, rather than long hair that you have to worry about getting in your face every 5 seconds, she says. Aspasia has two loves: books and boxing. Every time she goes to class, it's the same red gloves, black wraps and a cute, stylish outfit, suitable for working out in. Boxing is the best, she says. It's one of her passions that she can't let go of. Seeing Aspasia in her natural habitat, which is her comfy red couch curled up with a nice cup of coffee and a 1000+ page book, you can definitely tell that she's not all looks and brawn, but brains too.

The sight of books excites Aspasia as much as it would a dog to see a strip of Beggin' Strips floating just feet above his snout. Her bookcase overflows with books and names such as Nietzsche, Marx, Jung, and plethora of brilliant minds. Each book spills with different ideas and theories, just waiting for someone to pick them up and read them. Aspasia's bond with her books remains so strong that if she is separated with them for even a month, her spark and energy slowly withers away.

She wishes you could just be paid to work out and box. Boxing is love, to Aspasia. The smell of sweat, the feeling you get when you make contact with your hit, the bobbing and the weaving, it's all part of the love she just can't let go of.