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Monday, August 17, 2009

Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton Fights

The pride of Filipina and female boxers is the Bay Area's very own, Ana "the hurricane" Julaton. Yet another Filipino vs Mexican match will take place this coming September at the Fight tank as our very own Ana faces "the pride of the Espanola", Monica Lovato in Ana's first attempt at the World Champion for the IBA Worldbantamweight championship.

It's time to once again raise the Philippine flag. Mabuhay Ana!

McMorrow and Lopez fights in May 2008

Back in May 2008, some of our core San Francisco boxing group trekked to San Jose's HP Pavillion to support our homefolks: Melissa McMorrow and Miguel Lopez in their respective professional fights during one of the regularly scheduled "Fight Night at the Tank". I met both Miguel and Melissa at the 3rd Street Boxing gym. Melissa originally trained at 3rd Street for sometime until she went professional, while prior to going pro, Miguel was one of my instructors in the boxing classes. That evening was Miguel's debut professional fight.

A detailed summary of both their fights as well as the others appear in

who is Nonito Donaire?

I have been slacking in my passion for boxing as I have been catching on a new boxing phenomenon - the up and coming Filipino boxing star dubbed as "The Filipino Flash", after the Filipino boxing legend Gabriel 'Flash' Elorde, seems to be the talk of the boxing town.

Last Saturday, on August 15, in a major pay-per-view event, Donaire beat Rafael Concepcion of Panama on a pound-for-pound 12 round for the Interim WBA Flyweight title at the Hard Rock Cafe and Casino in Las Vegas, unanimous decision.

Is Nonito Donaire a new rising star that could equal or surpass Manny Pacman? The universe is vast, there is room for more than one Filipino boxing star, we all anticipate your rise.

east palo alto boxing club

For a few months in late spring and early summer I found EPA Boxing Club nestled in the rear end section of the East Palo Alto community. With the hopes of cutting my commute in half, from Sunnyvale back home to San Francisco, as well as to seek a boxing gym that is dedicated to train teens the art and science of boxing for the purpose of strengthening the body, mind and spirit - I stumbled into Johnnie Gray's East Palo Alto Boxing Club.

The gym's founder hopes to instill discipline, strengthen passion and provide a foundation to guide the youth of East Palo Alto to be prepared in the fight for survival in life. The gym is spacious. A large ring stands in the middle surrounded by many heavy bags and free style punching bags. The afternoon session begins at 5:00pm for the younger children, 6:00pm for adults and closes at 8:00pm. The gym is located near a large swamp area and a vast running path. Prior to training I run for an hour to warm up. The training session consists of a round each on each bag station and culminates with a one-on-one trainer mitt session with Johnnie or the other young fighters.

Hiphop and reggaeton music is in the house, while some days, Johnnie spins a mix of R&B and old-school tunes.

It is the best Silicon Valley gym that I have visited. The teenagers and young adults are all passionate for the sport. The energy is vibrant and the coaches do not fail to motivate each trainee. At the end of a couple of full circuit round, Johnnie ensures that we all do a 30 minute intense ab work. At the end of the workout, one is drenched with sweat but envigorated.

Boxing at EPA beats happy hour - it's safe (no drinking and driving), envigorating, stimulating and very much self-fulfilling.

I've missed out in the last few months due to being away for summer vacation. I will be back.