Sunday, March 14, 2010


What does it take to fight straight from the heart, from the soul, from that gut and substance that we think we are made of?

Definitely without thinking with pure spirit the pride of the Philippine people, Manny Pacquiao, fought tonight straight from the heart - sans malice and trepidation. He wanted Joshua to fight back and give him and the paying public a bang for their buck. Yet Joshua reacted as a wimpy beta male who was unwilling to risk in order to win, he covered himself all throughout the painful and boring 12 rounds.

With all due respect to Joshua, no offense, but he was not ready for this force of the Southern Asian boy, a Malay of the Hispanic and Filipino breed borne out of Lapu-lapu's peoples - a people that have been pillaged in the years of the conquistadores by the Muslims, Spaniard Catholics, Chinese, Americans, Japanese and the rest of them lot.

Yet, defying all of history and its heavy baggage on our shoulders - beyond race and socio-cultural classful society, Manny Pacquiao persevered.


...talent and genetic fundamentals were definitely in play. His poverty from being the underdog in the Philippines' socio-economic ladder motivated him - he was from the poor (of the poor) of the economic stratification.

Albeit beyond the personal motivation - moreso in my humble opinon, lies the embedded thought that in every third world person (rich or poor) there is a need to prove over and over again the viability of their race, their country and their specifics.

Back to Pacman ...

He has a lot of money already ... what for?

My challenge for you Manny, which you may not think of, while beyond your capability of thinking, but humor me: why not challenge internally our own peoples into uniting?

Why not challenge the Filipino to: once and for all complete the tasks of the great men that you have been blessed to follow - Lapu-lapu, Bonifacio and Rizal ... to once and for all shake the foundation, and allow our peoples (such as you were) to have a good starting point, to alleviate themselves from their shakles?

You have the key. You are the Cinderella story of our day and age.

Do you have the spiritual balls to take your brawns beyond the boxing ring?

My guess is you and the rest don't; as I.

Unfortunately we are a victim of human folly.

My guess is albeit with all your strength and power, you fail to think and be simple.

My sad guess is that when a human being reach the goal and aspiration, the initial objective is forgotten.

And as I judge you as I judge myself I am saddened by the fact that you and even the greatest of all peoples succumb to the same temptation of earthly rewards, (including a humble being as myself).

It is what it is.

But you are great! Keep on fighting!.