Friday, May 11, 2012

Filipinos in the ring, in music and in fintech

A few years ago I stumbled into a rising talent, Nonito Donairean apparent rising star in the local Philippine boxing scene.  Since then I have hibernated from following the deluge of boxing news whilst focused on the equally interesting developments of my source of bread and butter: high-tech.  In doing so, I've been back into the rat race of big data and making sense of all the stuff that has been accumulated resulting from internet explosion, mobile device proliferation and the stuff that is sucked by means of social networking sites as Facebook, twitter and blog sites as this. In recent googl'ing seems that Donaire is gaining momentum as fast as big data.

As I lay to rest in a haystack of information overload, I stumbled into this very interesting encounter depicted in the following image:

Filipinos from disparate discipline of boxing, music and finance/hightech collide in a Manila hotspot, Republiq.

Donaire is to the left, can you guess the rest?

fight night in the Dogpatch

Spring Fight Nite @SF Dogpatch's boxing gym

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

friday fight night in san francisco

The eve prior to Mayweather v Cotto's Saturday main event, local boxing enthusiasts and boxing trainees can indulge in a fight-night warm up this Friday the 4th of May at Dogpatch's Third Street Boxing gym.  Licensed fighters will showcase their skills at a few hours of fun and pound by pound exchange of power, will and might:

mayweather v pacman by means of cotto

The politics and marketing strategies of boxing is one I can never fathom.  Perhaps because it stems from its ghetto roots, I don't know.  My affinity towards the sport stems from its raw and gladiator roots (albeit not as in today's Roman Centurion controversies) - the animal instinct embodied in our human DNA to survive or be killed.

Mayweather's controversies arising from the much anticipated Mayweather v Pacman fight is a saga in and of itself that bears a likeness to daytime soap opera at its worst and Oprah W at its best.  I wish to see the main event as opposed to the continuous propaganda and vulgar images as such:

So let the fight begin, Saturday's main event showcases Mayweather v Cotto, may this be the last of the hops toward the ultimate fight night in today's boxing history.