Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Inspiration

About two months ago I was working the front desk at Third Street Gym when two women walked in the door seeking answers to questions I was not prepared for. The older woman's son had suffered a stroke three years prior and it left both of his legs atrophied. While he was not paralyzed, he was able to walk only with the assistance of a walker and was prone to falling. The younger woman, his sister, explained to me that physical therapy had not helped, partially because he had never fully warmed up to it. The one thing that had managed to peak his interest all these years? Boxing. He was an avid fan with the ability to recite the names and dates of fighters, the outcome of bouts with a clarity that belied the impairment the stroke had left. They had come to the gym desperate to find the connection between happiness and will that so many of us seek. Although I am not experienced in the field of physical therapy (as I made clear), the opportunity to help someone and further my understanding of the human mind in times of need was one I could not pass up. I offered my assistance with the disclaimer that we could walk away if it proved to be to arduous of a task for either parties.

When I met my new client one week later, we were both hooked. He looked around and saw the heavy bags, the many fight posters adorning the walls, the rawness that hits you when you walk into a true boxing gym, and a grin, that I now recognize as one that goes from ear to ear, settled on his face.

Over the past months I have been given an insight into a whole new world. One that exists on a couch in a dark room with nothing but the TV for comfort. I have never stopped to think about what it would be like to have a disability that made such things as going to the park a distant memory. Feeling that to go outside is to be poked and stared at, laughed at and whispered about. I am so used to my world, one of constant activity, where even a bad workout is still a workout. So much noise and laughter, pain and sadness, highs and lows. It's as if someone put the brakes on all of that and there is suddenly nothing but silence.

Yet, at the same time, I have also been given insight on what it is to truly want. To one day metaphorically stand up and say; I am no longer willing to sit and take this. The human mind is truly an amazing mechanism. To see so vividly the correlation between what the brain wants and what it is willing to work for. It really is all about chemistry. You put something in front of someone that makes them smile, that makes them feel, and they will suddenly do nothing to stop themselves from grabbing that carrot.

I am elated to report that two weeks ago, I witnessed my client take his first unassisted steps for the first time in three years, and we have been gaining momentum ever since. It's a slow process, a tedious one, but it is one that gives me hope and makes me feel more fulfilled than I've ever been. So I thank you Mr. X. For changing my life and helping me gain new perspective. Your struggles have changed the way one person sees the world.

Friday, April 26, 2013

in conversation with: a beautiful boxer

In the world of female boxing, she is Melissa "the Mighty" McMorrow.  The current female flyweight World title holder who recently defended her turf against German fighter, Nadia Raoui, in a recent bout held in Germany - Melissa McMorrow v Nadia Raoui.  Indeed she is a tough fighter, but as you see, she has a demeanor of a wise fighter, a gentle soul, a thinking kindred spirit, a romantic heart, and a beautiful boxer.

Who is the "Mighty" Melissa?

A bit of history:

Back in the mid-70s, while on assignment, a US American engineer was assigned in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil as a team of scientists, engineers and computer professionals to build a very important bridge -  the Rio-Niterói bridge.  At the same time, a beautiful young Brazilian lady from Espírito Santo moved to the big city and lived with one of her siblings (she came from a brood of over 12 or 13 wonderful Brazilian siblings).  They met, Cupid struck his bow, the US expat was unable to let the moment of his life slip away.  With a fiancee' visa at hand, he carried the love of his life over the threshold that spanned continents, oceans and miles away into the Bay Area.  Many years later, the beautiful couple produced three lovely siblings - all brought up with love, respect and a parent couple who have provided them the unconditional respect for the girls to live their lives to the fullest.

A bit of Melissa:

Melissa grew up around the Palo Alto and San Jose area - the area we now call Silicon Valley. During her formative years she was a natural in sports, the type of kid that a coach would gravitate towards.  She was always the one chosen to be mentored, whether in Soccer (hello, she is half Brazilian!) or even in academia.  She coyly tells me that she simply has this determination to go home and practise the routine.  Repeat, repeat and "do my drills", until she feels she has reached perfection.  Albeit she had the natural predisposition towards sport, she combined this natural talent with simple, due dilligence.  At some point, she mentioned, it is really simple, it's a basic movement, can you swing a baseball bat?  If yes, then it is that type of motion.  I was amazingly happy to hear that - it's all about basic form - whether sports, science or any discipline - perfect the most basic form, the ABC, 123 and DO-RE-MI's of any school of thought or sports;  well she was lucky to be a natural combined with the passion to repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and REPEAT - until perfection is attained.

Post her formative years, Melissa attended the prestigious school of Carnegie Mellon University to study architecture.  I smiled and could not resist asking, "So did you read Ayn Rand's Fountainhead?"  She replied with a subtle and sweet smile, "Yes, but that was about it."  To which I snide remarked, "Well, Howard Roarke is sexy!" - That was all about Ayn Rand we had discussed.  As a side note, the novel is an architecture student's imperative reading which was one of Rand's novel that presented her Objectivist Philosophy (a digression and a discussion that would entail years of discourse).

During her first few years post undergraduate studies she worked at an architecture firm which seemed to be frustrating as a commercial entity, they were tasked to build "templates" - boxed Walmarts and franchised stuff.  For an artistic individual with so much passion, with so much to offer, it was indeed quite stifling   After that, she had to step back, until she later found a new passion where she could express her academic background and build  to make a better world - more on that later.

A bit of Melissa and boxing:

And so the million dollar question, "How did you gravitate towards boxing?" I loved her fun response.  One day, as she was bored with her architecture career, by happenstance she was invited to this "fight party".  My eyes elated, "As in Brad Pitt's - 'Fight Club' ".  Well not really but quite so.  She was living in the East Bay at that time and it was a party somewhere there (was it Oakland or Berkeley?), but it was more like a huge warehouse party with over thousands of people, music, DJs and libations and a big boxing ring.  Where fights happened, if one wanted to sign up.  She was happy and her adrenalin started pumping.  There were no rules, well, rules were made before you stepped up.  Think of a big warehouse party and a big pool table - and it was like people signed up to play - well in this case, to fight.  She thought, "Hmmm, I want!"  She searched for someone her size but not too weak, someone who had the same drive and just get on it.  Without any training, she found a match, they fought she won.  And that was the day, Melissa the Architect, also found her alter ego, Melissa the Mighty McMorrow.

And the rest is history:

Somehow she found herself at my favorite SF Boxing gym in the Dogpatch, Third Street Boxing gym.  Under the tutelage of our gym's founder, Paul Wade, she seriously started to train as a boxer, she was in her 20s. She was a fighter of Third Street for two years, and later on, her professional career brought her to an amazing opportunity that she could not resist - to be able to express her architectural skills in the emerging industry of Solar Power.  Alas, the job was in San Mateo, and at this point, she had to leave training in the city and found her new mentor, Eddie Croft at B Street Boxing gym. From then on, to-date Melissa has achieved an amazing boxing record of:  15 professional fights:  with a record of 9-3-3.  The most fantastic story about Melissa is that her pro-debut as a professional fighter was held at the Playboy Mansion.  Yes, people you heard it right - she fought as the undercard (or in concert music, the first group before the highlight) at the Playboy mansion and she won!

Our tête-à-tête post interview:

So we met at the Dogpach's Caffe La Stazione, very close to Third Street Boxing gym where we first met on a very sunny and hot Sunday afternoon.  After the "formalized" and structured Q&A and interview process we discussed things and thoughts, it was like a sparring type of discussion.

One of the most curious question I love asking boxing champs is how to deal with an opponent that is taller, that has a longer reach?  She told me that she would protect by means of the "squaring up motion of the fist and elbows" but would go forward, go inside.  I asked, though, but - "we get hit that way".  And she mentioned that it is fear that is detrimental and blocks us from winning.  We need to lose ourselves, we need to lose fear.  When we are able to train the brain to block that fear, it is possible for us to win.

And obviously I cannot end the interview without asking about love life.

She is dating but at the same time very busy with her goals and aspirations, and at this point in time, this kind of thing should fit within the agenda.  Although, at some point, she will definitely want a loving family and children to propagate her beauty (well, that's my editorial) and her passion - she is a nurturing beautiful person.

The "Mighty" Melissa is a boxer to be reckoned, but beyond that is a human soul that is wise, loving, romantic and human all too human.

Thank you, my beautiful boxer, for the fun Sunday afternoon.  This is Melissa and I after 2 Carafe's of wine ;)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Coach "Ironman" Ed

Coach "Ironman" Ed - Happy Birthday.  Ed is among the elite boxing instructors at Third Street Boxing gym - where professional fighters and world champions coach aspiring fighters and others who simply wish to survive in this thing called "life".  These mentors bring us physical and soulful inspiration.

Ed's special day today began at 10am boxing class where the attendance was full-packed.  Ed always brings that 200% energy in class - workout and fantastic inspirational 80's old-school music.

Ed has a resonating voice that commands attention and respect, whilst he would not hesitate to pump up the volume when an old-school Michael Jackson hit surfaces as we hit the boxing bag, he will scream:  "Turn that up!"

Happy Birthday coach and thank you for giving us the needed inspiration on a Saturday morning - a wakeup call and an adrenalin rush to start each beautiful weekend.

Third Street Boxing gym at the Dogpatch - that's whassup!

Monday, April 15, 2013

The A-B-C of Boxing

What is the ABC of boxing?  More on that later.

The good news is that my most favorite and best "hands-on-get-your-fists-dirty-boxing-gym" in San Francisco, Third Street Boxing gym has just included in its portfolio an amazing female world champion boxer, to add to its portfolio of amazing professional boxers (more of these guys in our blogposts while you can get a sneak peak of instructors at the website).

The latest addition to the prestigious instructors of the gym is the world female champ Gina "Boom boom" Guidi. Look-out for more write-ups about Gina, however, suffice it to say, she is now teaching the Thursday at noon lunch hour boxing class at Third Street - so, are you in or are you out?

Join us this Thursday and all Thursdays hence .... get in shape for the sake of mind, body and soul.

She is a very high energy and motivated person of the 200 mph genre of human beings as my favorite trainer, good friend and best baby girl, our Gym Manager and Instructor, Brandy Rocha.

So what's the A-B-C of boxing?

It's our silly joke!  It's about us ... it's:

A - me
B - randy Rocha
C - oach Gina the "boom-boom" Guidi

Will you join this eager boxing student (and geek by day) and my two amazing female fighters at the best boxing ring in SF, Dogpatch?

Laura is our Champion

Life is a zero-sum game.  One day is a good day, the next day sucks.  Today, I bring home the gold, tomorrow, I was a mere semi-finalist.  In corporate, one could have a fabulous over the 100% quarter, and the next, you're just dialing for dollars during the last week of the quarter, in desperation.  However, at the end (if an end is an objective reality, since the spectrum of existence, is nothing but a spectrum), the losses and gain bring us back to zero - is this what the elders call the human condition?

These crazy ponderings stemmed from a recent pro-fight that one of our esteemed instructors and professional fighter at Third Street Boxing gym (the best boxing gym in San Francisco, in the neighborhood of the emerging Dogpatch), recent bout in Orange County, southern California at the Flight Club OC (see bout number 4 in the link).

Our beloved and esteemed instructor is Laura Deanovic.  A mathematics instructor by day and a boxing teacher "by night" (I'm sure my idol Dr. Feynman would love this type of eclectic mix!).  I apologize, for my constant digression.

The entire boxing gym including the staff, instructors and members such as myself were so excited for the fight.  Most of us were unable to trek down south, but we awaited with much excitement and hopes for the obvious victory. 

The day after her fight during the Friday, Saturday and Sunday classes thereafter, each student eagerly asked, did she win?  We were faced with an impasse.

The most amazing phenomenon I experienced was the reaction of both students and teachers.  Our instructors all told us to give Laura a hug - she did great, it was a judgement call.  The students, albeit sad, were amazingly hopeful - we know a rematch will be inevitable or a next fight will always happen.  We were still ALL PROUD of Laura!

I'm sure as she stepped back into the gym, she received all the high-fives, hugs and best wishes from her students, colleagues and fans.

After all, it's not about the trophy - it is really all about the day you decide to train, to work hard, to sacrifice the seconds, minutes, hours and days - it is all about the process.

The trophy is a simple, token.  It is the journey that makes it worth it.  It is like any other competition - musicians, athletes, artists, academes, in Love - it is the human story - a story of survival. 

Laura - you will always be a champion and an inspiration.  Let's all work harder for the next fight - hers, yours, mine and for the rest of humanity.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cinderella man

The predisposition towards boxing, at least from my point of view, is its romantic promise without the puny and princess-dream disposition - it is an elegant sport that requires form and intellectual strategy.  It is the Cinderella story of man that stemmed from the raw form of fight as in the Colosseum.

Given these imperatives and my disposition towards searching for beings that can give me the same passion - I found Third Street Boxing gym - whose founder, Paul Wade has epitomized this way of life - passion to perform par excellence.

In doing so I have found my passion in boxing and learned to field all the frustrations that I have encountered in my professional and personal life - toward the boxing bag or the sorry-ass-partner.

While I have been happy to suck up the energy that the gym has offered me, I was also lucky to stumble upon a few individuals that have given me a 360 degree perspective in life.

These people have given me a perspective - slapped me in my face to make me realize that my silly struggles were STUPID, in contrast to theirs.

Among the few true fighters of Paul's boxing gym is - A. 

When I saw A at class many years ago, I was intimidated, she reminded me of my former boxing partner whom I called the "mosquito" because of their fast and fury jab-cross-hook and fancy footwork.  A intimidated me especially with her south paw stance - she would always make me go fast and fury ...

A few years later, I got to know her.  I am very old, could be her mother, then I learned - A is an MS patient.  She has multiple sclerosis and succumbed to the art of boxing because of the beauty of the sport.  A loves Nietzsche, philosophy and science.  A is my soulmate, the daughter I never had.  She is happily married and she has blessed my crazy single lifestyle. Can you believe she even agreed for me to "fling" with this "unattainable" boy that lives Far away in the EU that is not available?  That's boxing people - thinking out of the box!

My point is this boxing gym is all about the few that dared to question and live out of convention - it's about the men and women who don't belong back in the days, but now it's their time.  It's also about the men and women that belong that are fed up with gyms that cater to those that belong.

The Cinderella Man gym is about people like myself and A - who are a syncopated beat - whose life is not measured by a quota, but where the quality of living is rich and forever young.

Are you in or are you out?

This is A and me:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Third Street Boxing Gym's New Manager

Teachers and mentors can inspire (or break) your life.  I was very lucky to experience the best of class mentors in my life.  While it is not within the scope of this blog post for me to give you my history of mentors in my cray-cray life of finding meaning for passion to perform, suffice it to say, that vis a vis physical fitness and boxing - I found my mentorship at Third Street Boxing Gym.

I was a geek, I am a geek an official NERD - one who is socially inept! I was never an athlete, made fun of and then some. Though in the last 10 years I fought my way to what I deserved and then I met my favorite gym and Brandy Rocha.

The combination of Brandy's passion and our gym's founder, Paul Wade's vision of passion to perform, allowed people like me to take our skills to the next level.  What that means is to find the fighter, the beauty and that passion out of each individual and make it shine - and both of them have reinforced that in me as well as a myriad of the gym rats.

Let's talk about Brandy - she had her struggles as a young girl, as we have experienced.  Brandy found her passion in expressing the "human condition" in perfect form.  She has overcomed the vicissitudes of life by means of discipline - the haiku of martial arts: jab-cross-hook, pivot and simply working hard.

Brandy has not only fought in the ring and in life, but has also demonstrated that life is a roller coaster that requires stringent discipline, daily tasks and a lot of energy.

Brandy Rocha is my hero and my mentor.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Third Street Boxers - shoegirl finds boxing

On blogpost entries, we decided between my boxing co-blogger and I on how to also give mad props to instructors and the students that have painstakingly invested their time in boxing and workout; such as to answer questions on boxing as:

* why would one do so?
* why do you want to teach?

We started a series that highlights instructors. Now, we thought perhaps another series dedicated to members of the Third Street Gym boxing community is due.

Who are these people that opt'ed to go boxing instead of going into a step-class, a zumba class or maybe succumb to a weekend or a once a month to yoga or TRX?

To sign-up for boxing regimen requires commitment, in spirit and devotion.

One of the best examples is a fantastic woman whom I believe I would like to pilot this - "who dares go boxing?".  In this pilot series is an ultra-chic, ultra beautiful woman of our Dogpath neighborhood.

Deefind redefines convention.

She is an artist fashionista that has dared to forge the art for the sake of art whilst in the process monetize the passion that she has believed in.  Her story is not as foreign to the technocrats of San Francisco's SOMA and Silicon Valley.  Her epiphany is simply defined in her business name - she found herself in art.

As you read her bio, let me tell you about my perception of Dee.  She is a conscientious student of boxing.  We meet without trepidation nor appointment simply during  sporadic classes, sometimes she is sleepy as I, sometimes she is energetic as I, sometimes she is just there.

She has a gifted height of 6 feet tall and a lovely body that encase her very calming demeanor. She is a force to be reckoned from a force to velocity standpoint, yet she is enveloped with a very soothing shell.  She is an artist of a very promising tomorrow, she designs shoes that could potentially make Prada or Miu-miu raise their brows and think - should we M "and" A?

She also has a heart of gold. She hosts charity events when she has to turn over out-of-season stock in order to give back to the community.  She is of a very San Francisco and Dogpatch spirit, with an unintended European deameanor.

This is my lunchtime boxing partner, let the picture paint a thousand words - Deefind:

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

party + fight night = boxing fun

Yes, you've guessed it right - that's a Party Bus! Want to join us in the fun seat?

For the March 8 Jonathan Chicas' fight in Redwood City, the best sfboxing gym in San Francisco, you got it - Third Street Gym - is organizing a party bus that will transport y'all boxing fans to and from Dogpath.  Here's the plan Stan:  meetup and drop-off point in front of Third Street Gym, the party starts (or the bus will plan to leave) at 5pm on the day of the fight. You can join your favorite boxing instructors and bootcamp graduates with your favorite libations at hand.  How much to join the fun seat?  $45.00 per person!

Oh and by the way, with a Jonathan Chicas proof of purchase ticket, you're entitled to the 50% off Third Street Gym t-shirts - drop by the gym and check with the front desk.

So, are you in or are you out? 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jonathan Chicas Friday Fight - 8 March 2013

Third Street Boxing Gym's very own Jonathan Chicas' fight bout on the 8th of March is coming up soon - at Redwood City's Fox Theatre.

Let's support our very own Dogpatch and Third Street Boxing Gym fighter!  Get tickets and more info from our Third Street gym website.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coach Ed "Ironman" Gutierrez

It is inspiring to learn the sweet science of boxing when you are immersed by trainers who have fought (or currently fight) professionally, at some point in their lives.  One such coach is our very own "Ironman" Coach Ed Gutierrez.  He hails from Chitown where he started his boxing career at age 22 as an amateur fighter at the Chicago Golden Gloves and thereafter progressed to professional when he took the Cruiserweight Championship title at Illinois State.

Today Ed teaches the Bootcamp classes as well as the 5pm boxing classes during the weekdays.  It is always a full-house during his Saturday at 10am boxing classes where you find students such as myself struggling to overcome the prior Friday night's hangover as we sweat it out to Ed's leadership.  He is a great coach who instills discipline, form and motivates the individual to push their mind and body to its limit.  His Saturday class is quite particular, as it is characterized by 1980's music with a lot of Michael Jackson to provide rhythm as we painstakingly learn to be graceful with our footwork.  Coach Ed is a great mentor, a passionate boxer and a caring teacher.

Here is the coach in action as he patiently instructs new boxing student on the basic haiku of boxing: the One's, Two's and Three's!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dieting + Bootcamp = Success!

For those of you that don't know me that well, you may not know that my boyfriend is an extremely talented chef. Mike and I met in the restaraunt business several years ago and soon began a hushed relationship. As we developed feelings for each other, we decided that it was time to spread our wings and jump out into the world together. Our destination of choice was the Bay Area. Mike had spent time out here many years ago while attending, and ultimately graduating, from the Culinary Academy of San Francisco and I was thrilled at the thought of moving to this amazing city.
Over the last few years we have trekked around the Bay Area doing what we know and love. We ran our own pop-up restaraunt and catered events under the name BMSF. If any of you have been around during the Fitness Crawl's, or eaten off the grill at a Fight Night, you have tried Mike's food.
Today, one of our longstanding goals became a reality. We will once again be combining our two passions; food and fitness, into another business venture. We are offering three healthy meals a day to those at bootcamp. Each meal will be delivered for pickup at the end of bootcamp Monday through Friday. All meals will be heat-and-serve, with the focus on clean eating, portion control, and calorie content.
I am overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of this movement. Helping others achieve their goals, both mentally and physically is what motivates me every day that I walk into the gym. With Paul, we hope to give people the tools to complete their goals at the gym, as well as when they leave. Because we all know that this is when the true workout begins!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

boxing bootcamp at Dogpatch

Are you in or are you out?  Boxing bootcamp is for everyone - whether you are a "newbie" or an old-timer as old school as the Rat Packs of the hip and cool generation. Bootcamp at Third Street gives one a boost that lets you catapult towards your goal of physiological beauty, psychological prowess or spiritual soulfulness.

The early bird catches the worm - why not start the day by chugging your favorite protein drink, an hour and a half of cardio, form + body + mind conditioning to make your workday a day of reckoning?

Boxing Bootcamp at the Dogpatch for the next season starts next week - 11 February - Monday - are you in?  Perhaps you will find your inner fighter soul, the thinker or artist within or that gladiator embedded in the kernel of your nerdy and geeky UNIX soul?

Let's do IT!  ... and perhaps one day, we will do a Boxing Bootcamp away from Dogpatch, and by that time, you will be ready for a Destination Bootcamp!

For now, see you on the 11th!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coaches we love

In life we must choose our path. We all must also choose our paths at the gym; Whom we allow into our lives, whom we partner with. I once had a boxing coach tell me, "trainer and athlete are like a boyfriend and girlfriend." He further explained that while our relationship may not be sexual, their must be a certain chemistry. A level of respect, yes; but even more than that, there must be a trust. A desire.

I have recently found one of my best trainer relationships yet. A threesome of all things with an odd couple. Lenny Albert, a former taxi driver; a Golden Gloves champion, and one of the most patient trainers I have ever met. Then there is Ramon Matthews. New to the gym, he's young with an old soul. One's specialty is breathing and technique, while the other specializes in conditioning and defense. While one can recite old matches and boxers' quirks from memory, the other is great at looking them up digitally in a matter of seconds. To further cement the distance between the two, Lenny has recently had shoulder surgery leaving him without use of his lead right. 

Although I thought that perhaps utilizing two trainers together was going to cause conflict between personalities, it has actually allowed for the perfect pairing. Ramon is comfortable in his role as "assistant trainer", and Lenny humbly recognizes that being a one-armed trainer is no good for anyone involved. That being said, it must have been no coincidence that these two naturally assume two very different roles each session. Lenny works form and placement from a distance while Ramon critiques. Every 30 minutes or so, they switch. Now it is Ramon's turn to work mitts and movement while Lenny stands off to the side and calls out breathing techniques and adjustments to footwork. We finish with rounds on the heavy bag. While I work in repetitive movements they both stand off to the side, calling out adjustments and whispering among themselves like proud parents, or in this case, coaches.

boxing + weights = ripped abs?

One day I wondered whether ripped abs were achievable only by professional athletes.  I google'd for tips, diets, routines and best practise examples.

I like the idea of experiments, as in empirical research, so I thought I'd once again use my body as a petri dish and experiment if I can step-up vis a vis my workout routine to achieve almost-close-to ripped abs. 

I basically have to continue my boxing routine, cardio, tweak my #fatfarmdiet and add a 30-40 minute weight lifting routine four times a week. I wonder if I should do the math and attempt to calculate how long it would take to achieve the near-as-ripped abs, but I'm not sure that I found an exact formula that could predict the time factor.  
I hope it does not take months, this routine is not an easy ride.  Pumping weights is painful, albeit one of my boxing coach repeatedly encourage us to take in the pain, as "pain is weakness coming out of the body". 
The other pain is psychological pain.  There are some evenings when the pang of gastronomic desires hit me, I catch myself stalking Instagram and Facebook for pictures of #foodporn uploads so I could live vicariously through other people's appetites. How to overcome hunger, hallucinations and fantasies at night for sumptuous food, pork, oxtail, rice, pasta and all that? I reach out for my bottled water and chug the evil thoughts away, kind of a gym enthusiast's form of cold shower!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

dogpatch crime watch report

Heard from the Dogpatch Nextdoor neighborhood site about an incident that occurred on the 24th of January across Picino on 22nd and Minnesota.

The report is pasted below as it appeared on Nextdoor:

Sam Lord from Dogpatch said:

a woman was just robbed at gunpoint at 22nd and minnesota, just outside piccino. he ran up minnesota towards esprit park, then disappeared. he was trying to steal her phone, and hit her in the head with his gun when she refused. witnesses yelled and chased him, so he ran away. he had a dark rain jacket with a hood, had medium complexion and no accent. keep you phones in your pockets and stay aware of people around you at night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

boxing in the (3rd) streets

Last Thursday evening a fun "happy hour" street faire event was sponsored by Bold Italic, it's 2nd Annual 3rd Base Microhood in partnership with select establishments.  Also dubbed as the Dogpatch Microhood, various neighborhood vendors at the Dogpatch's 22nd and 3rd street opened their doors to showcase their goods, microbrew, wine and then some (such as Chocolate from Chocolate Labs).

Since this was a Dogpatch event, it was no wonder that our very own Third Street boxing gym represented!  At the corner of 22nd and 3rd Street, I was amused to see my boxing mates and instructor, Coach Ed "Ironman" Gutierrez, providing demo's and gladly answering curious passers-by with regards to boxing as a vehicle for fitness, a sound mind and body.  

Dogpatch is the emerging microhood of San Francisco, in fact, the city's best kept secret - where microbreweries, hip restau bars, wineries, a European style butchery, Olivier's, and the best boxing gym the city could offer all coexist in perfect harmony.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dogpatch Slugger

This week I was able to watch one of my favorite coworkers, Laura Deanovic, share her love of boxing with a group of high school kids. Laura is a calculus teacher at Gateway High School and participates in a school program called Project Week. Project Week gives each teacher an opportunity to choose a subject that they are passionate about and immerse their students in that subject for 6 days. The students are allowed to choose 5 offered subjects that they are interested in, and a group of 20 is then randomly selected for one of their chosen projects. Laura spent six days introducing these 20 high school students to the world of boxing via movies, literature, and actual workouts here at Third Street Boxing Gym. Laura takes her own equipment that she has accumulated over the years to loan to the students, and Paul Wade donates use of the gym. Each teacher is given a miniscule budget to assist with expenses and the rest must depend on their creativity. Each of us in the boxing world has a story to tell, and to watch someone who has such a passion for their work be able to share it with eager young faces is so amazing. The best thing about my job is that I leave  feeling inspired and it's moments like these that give me affirmation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fat farm diet on a work week

To maximize the pleasure derived from the painful albeit addicting regimen of daily workout via boxing, I thought I should incorporate the experimental fat farm diet that I followed to burn fat in five days back in November.  It was a silly experiment.  I was scheduled for a long weekend in Kona and I wondered whether I could burn the unwanted flesh, fast and quick.  An intense diet of no carbs, no fat, no dairy and high fiber for five days - and it really worked.  Five small meals a day in five days to burn those fatty lipids.  To my surpirse it worked.

I wonder if I can sustain such a diet during the work week.  Will I lose brain power?

Perhaps I will gradually incorporate such a diet into a permanent lifestyle.  But for now, a diet of high fiber, lots of veggies and fruits would be a good start.

Here's to my first release of a work week Fat Farm Diet.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013 New Year

I don't care much for New Year's resolutions as I don't care much for anything mainstream.  Where the crowd goes, I naturally flow towards the opposite direction, it's just my nature, it's simply me.

I'm sure many have resolved to do this, don't do that, start this and end that -- tomorrow brings what we plant today, I wish you all the best.

I have no New Year's resolution, since I really don't care about making promises. I prefer to set my mind and begin a concept one step-at-a time, baby steps and then I just flow into the zone, as in a hypnotic manner, quite crazy, but that's just me.

After a long sojourn from this blog site, I think I'll be writing more, as I found an equally passionate boxer who shares the same desire as I have to evangelize the sport of boxing to achieve what I call, a sound mind and a sound body.  You will soon see the new blogger's post!

Well, after many years of hopping from one boxing gym to another, last year I finally decided to quit my Crunch membership and join Third Street Boxing gym. It has been a year of boxing as my main source of workout regimen which I complement with running 12k races, half marathons and working out in my condo complex's gym.  Of course, all these in between my real tech job and traveling to fun places here and there.  Lately, I have also decided to include eating right in order to maximize the training effect - am all for maximizing pleasure to make the pain worth it.  More on my eating it right adventures.

For now, to those who would like to make New Year's resolutions, I'd like to share my boxing gym's class schedule - why don't you try it out, one day at a time. 

Don't be intimidated, do stop by.  If I'm in a chirpy mood, I'd even gladly partner with you and help you with your moves, one punch at a time, one footwork at a time.

Happy 2013 New Year!

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