Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Coaches we love

In life we must choose our path. We all must also choose our paths at the gym; Whom we allow into our lives, whom we partner with. I once had a boxing coach tell me, "trainer and athlete are like a boyfriend and girlfriend." He further explained that while our relationship may not be sexual, their must be a certain chemistry. A level of respect, yes; but even more than that, there must be a trust. A desire.

I have recently found one of my best trainer relationships yet. A threesome of all things with an odd couple. Lenny Albert, a former taxi driver; a Golden Gloves champion, and one of the most patient trainers I have ever met. Then there is Ramon Matthews. New to the gym, he's young with an old soul. One's specialty is breathing and technique, while the other specializes in conditioning and defense. While one can recite old matches and boxers' quirks from memory, the other is great at looking them up digitally in a matter of seconds. To further cement the distance between the two, Lenny has recently had shoulder surgery leaving him without use of his lead right. 

Although I thought that perhaps utilizing two trainers together was going to cause conflict between personalities, it has actually allowed for the perfect pairing. Ramon is comfortable in his role as "assistant trainer", and Lenny humbly recognizes that being a one-armed trainer is no good for anyone involved. That being said, it must have been no coincidence that these two naturally assume two very different roles each session. Lenny works form and placement from a distance while Ramon critiques. Every 30 minutes or so, they switch. Now it is Ramon's turn to work mitts and movement while Lenny stands off to the side and calls out breathing techniques and adjustments to footwork. We finish with rounds on the heavy bag. While I work in repetitive movements they both stand off to the side, calling out adjustments and whispering among themselves like proud parents, or in this case, coaches.

boxing + weights = ripped abs?

One day I wondered whether ripped abs were achievable only by professional athletes.  I google'd for tips, diets, routines and best practise examples.

I like the idea of experiments, as in empirical research, so I thought I'd once again use my body as a petri dish and experiment if I can step-up vis a vis my workout routine to achieve almost-close-to ripped abs. 

I basically have to continue my boxing routine, cardio, tweak my #fatfarmdiet and add a 30-40 minute weight lifting routine four times a week. I wonder if I should do the math and attempt to calculate how long it would take to achieve the near-as-ripped abs, but I'm not sure that I found an exact formula that could predict the time factor.  
I hope it does not take months, this routine is not an easy ride.  Pumping weights is painful, albeit one of my boxing coach repeatedly encourage us to take in the pain, as "pain is weakness coming out of the body". 
The other pain is psychological pain.  There are some evenings when the pang of gastronomic desires hit me, I catch myself stalking Instagram and Facebook for pictures of #foodporn uploads so I could live vicariously through other people's appetites. How to overcome hunger, hallucinations and fantasies at night for sumptuous food, pork, oxtail, rice, pasta and all that? I reach out for my bottled water and chug the evil thoughts away, kind of a gym enthusiast's form of cold shower!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

dogpatch crime watch report

Heard from the Dogpatch Nextdoor neighborhood site about an incident that occurred on the 24th of January across Picino on 22nd and Minnesota.

The report is pasted below as it appeared on Nextdoor:

Sam Lord from Dogpatch said:

a woman was just robbed at gunpoint at 22nd and minnesota, just outside piccino. he ran up minnesota towards esprit park, then disappeared. he was trying to steal her phone, and hit her in the head with his gun when she refused. witnesses yelled and chased him, so he ran away. he had a dark rain jacket with a hood, had medium complexion and no accent. keep you phones in your pockets and stay aware of people around you at night.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

boxing in the (3rd) streets

Last Thursday evening a fun "happy hour" street faire event was sponsored by Bold Italic, it's 2nd Annual 3rd Base Microhood in partnership with select establishments.  Also dubbed as the Dogpatch Microhood, various neighborhood vendors at the Dogpatch's 22nd and 3rd street opened their doors to showcase their goods, microbrew, wine and then some (such as Chocolate from Chocolate Labs).

Since this was a Dogpatch event, it was no wonder that our very own Third Street boxing gym represented!  At the corner of 22nd and 3rd Street, I was amused to see my boxing mates and instructor, Coach Ed "Ironman" Gutierrez, providing demo's and gladly answering curious passers-by with regards to boxing as a vehicle for fitness, a sound mind and body.  

Dogpatch is the emerging microhood of San Francisco, in fact, the city's best kept secret - where microbreweries, hip restau bars, wineries, a European style butchery, Olivier's, and the best boxing gym the city could offer all coexist in perfect harmony.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Dogpatch Slugger

This week I was able to watch one of my favorite coworkers, Laura Deanovic, share her love of boxing with a group of high school kids. Laura is a calculus teacher at Gateway High School and participates in a school program called Project Week. Project Week gives each teacher an opportunity to choose a subject that they are passionate about and immerse their students in that subject for 6 days. The students are allowed to choose 5 offered subjects that they are interested in, and a group of 20 is then randomly selected for one of their chosen projects. Laura spent six days introducing these 20 high school students to the world of boxing via movies, literature, and actual workouts here at Third Street Boxing Gym. Laura takes her own equipment that she has accumulated over the years to loan to the students, and Paul Wade donates use of the gym. Each teacher is given a miniscule budget to assist with expenses and the rest must depend on their creativity. Each of us in the boxing world has a story to tell, and to watch someone who has such a passion for their work be able to share it with eager young faces is so amazing. The best thing about my job is that I leave  feeling inspired and it's moments like these that give me affirmation.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

fat farm diet on a work week

To maximize the pleasure derived from the painful albeit addicting regimen of daily workout via boxing, I thought I should incorporate the experimental fat farm diet that I followed to burn fat in five days back in November.  It was a silly experiment.  I was scheduled for a long weekend in Kona and I wondered whether I could burn the unwanted flesh, fast and quick.  An intense diet of no carbs, no fat, no dairy and high fiber for five days - and it really worked.  Five small meals a day in five days to burn those fatty lipids.  To my surpirse it worked.

I wonder if I can sustain such a diet during the work week.  Will I lose brain power?

Perhaps I will gradually incorporate such a diet into a permanent lifestyle.  But for now, a diet of high fiber, lots of veggies and fruits would be a good start.

Here's to my first release of a work week Fat Farm Diet.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy 2013 New Year

I don't care much for New Year's resolutions as I don't care much for anything mainstream.  Where the crowd goes, I naturally flow towards the opposite direction, it's just my nature, it's simply me.

I'm sure many have resolved to do this, don't do that, start this and end that -- tomorrow brings what we plant today, I wish you all the best.

I have no New Year's resolution, since I really don't care about making promises. I prefer to set my mind and begin a concept one step-at-a time, baby steps and then I just flow into the zone, as in a hypnotic manner, quite crazy, but that's just me.

After a long sojourn from this blog site, I think I'll be writing more, as I found an equally passionate boxer who shares the same desire as I have to evangelize the sport of boxing to achieve what I call, a sound mind and a sound body.  You will soon see the new blogger's post!

Well, after many years of hopping from one boxing gym to another, last year I finally decided to quit my Crunch membership and join Third Street Boxing gym. It has been a year of boxing as my main source of workout regimen which I complement with running 12k races, half marathons and working out in my condo complex's gym.  Of course, all these in between my real tech job and traveling to fun places here and there.  Lately, I have also decided to include eating right in order to maximize the training effect - am all for maximizing pleasure to make the pain worth it.  More on my eating it right adventures.

For now, to those who would like to make New Year's resolutions, I'd like to share my boxing gym's class schedule - why don't you try it out, one day at a time. 

Don't be intimidated, do stop by.  If I'm in a chirpy mood, I'd even gladly partner with you and help you with your moves, one punch at a time, one footwork at a time.

Happy 2013 New Year!

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