Wednesday, February 27, 2013

party + fight night = boxing fun

Yes, you've guessed it right - that's a Party Bus! Want to join us in the fun seat?

For the March 8 Jonathan Chicas' fight in Redwood City, the best sfboxing gym in San Francisco, you got it - Third Street Gym - is organizing a party bus that will transport y'all boxing fans to and from Dogpath.  Here's the plan Stan:  meetup and drop-off point in front of Third Street Gym, the party starts (or the bus will plan to leave) at 5pm on the day of the fight. You can join your favorite boxing instructors and bootcamp graduates with your favorite libations at hand.  How much to join the fun seat?  $45.00 per person!

Oh and by the way, with a Jonathan Chicas proof of purchase ticket, you're entitled to the 50% off Third Street Gym t-shirts - drop by the gym and check with the front desk.

So, are you in or are you out? 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Jonathan Chicas Friday Fight - 8 March 2013

Third Street Boxing Gym's very own Jonathan Chicas' fight bout on the 8th of March is coming up soon - at Redwood City's Fox Theatre.

Let's support our very own Dogpatch and Third Street Boxing Gym fighter!  Get tickets and more info from our Third Street gym website.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Coach Ed "Ironman" Gutierrez

It is inspiring to learn the sweet science of boxing when you are immersed by trainers who have fought (or currently fight) professionally, at some point in their lives.  One such coach is our very own "Ironman" Coach Ed Gutierrez.  He hails from Chitown where he started his boxing career at age 22 as an amateur fighter at the Chicago Golden Gloves and thereafter progressed to professional when he took the Cruiserweight Championship title at Illinois State.

Today Ed teaches the Bootcamp classes as well as the 5pm boxing classes during the weekdays.  It is always a full-house during his Saturday at 10am boxing classes where you find students such as myself struggling to overcome the prior Friday night's hangover as we sweat it out to Ed's leadership.  He is a great coach who instills discipline, form and motivates the individual to push their mind and body to its limit.  His Saturday class is quite particular, as it is characterized by 1980's music with a lot of Michael Jackson to provide rhythm as we painstakingly learn to be graceful with our footwork.  Coach Ed is a great mentor, a passionate boxer and a caring teacher.

Here is the coach in action as he patiently instructs new boxing student on the basic haiku of boxing: the One's, Two's and Three's!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Dieting + Bootcamp = Success!

For those of you that don't know me that well, you may not know that my boyfriend is an extremely talented chef. Mike and I met in the restaraunt business several years ago and soon began a hushed relationship. As we developed feelings for each other, we decided that it was time to spread our wings and jump out into the world together. Our destination of choice was the Bay Area. Mike had spent time out here many years ago while attending, and ultimately graduating, from the Culinary Academy of San Francisco and I was thrilled at the thought of moving to this amazing city.
Over the last few years we have trekked around the Bay Area doing what we know and love. We ran our own pop-up restaraunt and catered events under the name BMSF. If any of you have been around during the Fitness Crawl's, or eaten off the grill at a Fight Night, you have tried Mike's food.
Today, one of our longstanding goals became a reality. We will once again be combining our two passions; food and fitness, into another business venture. We are offering three healthy meals a day to those at bootcamp. Each meal will be delivered for pickup at the end of bootcamp Monday through Friday. All meals will be heat-and-serve, with the focus on clean eating, portion control, and calorie content.
I am overjoyed at the opportunity to be a part of this movement. Helping others achieve their goals, both mentally and physically is what motivates me every day that I walk into the gym. With Paul, we hope to give people the tools to complete their goals at the gym, as well as when they leave. Because we all know that this is when the true workout begins!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

boxing bootcamp at Dogpatch

Are you in or are you out?  Boxing bootcamp is for everyone - whether you are a "newbie" or an old-timer as old school as the Rat Packs of the hip and cool generation. Bootcamp at Third Street gives one a boost that lets you catapult towards your goal of physiological beauty, psychological prowess or spiritual soulfulness.

The early bird catches the worm - why not start the day by chugging your favorite protein drink, an hour and a half of cardio, form + body + mind conditioning to make your workday a day of reckoning?

Boxing Bootcamp at the Dogpatch for the next season starts next week - 11 February - Monday - are you in?  Perhaps you will find your inner fighter soul, the thinker or artist within or that gladiator embedded in the kernel of your nerdy and geeky UNIX soul?

Let's do IT!  ... and perhaps one day, we will do a Boxing Bootcamp away from Dogpatch, and by that time, you will be ready for a Destination Bootcamp!

For now, see you on the 11th!