Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cinderella man

The predisposition towards boxing, at least from my point of view, is its romantic promise without the puny and princess-dream disposition - it is an elegant sport that requires form and intellectual strategy.  It is the Cinderella story of man that stemmed from the raw form of fight as in the Colosseum.

Given these imperatives and my disposition towards searching for beings that can give me the same passion - I found Third Street Boxing gym - whose founder, Paul Wade has epitomized this way of life - passion to perform par excellence.

In doing so I have found my passion in boxing and learned to field all the frustrations that I have encountered in my professional and personal life - toward the boxing bag or the sorry-ass-partner.

While I have been happy to suck up the energy that the gym has offered me, I was also lucky to stumble upon a few individuals that have given me a 360 degree perspective in life.

These people have given me a perspective - slapped me in my face to make me realize that my silly struggles were STUPID, in contrast to theirs.

Among the few true fighters of Paul's boxing gym is - A. 

When I saw A at class many years ago, I was intimidated, she reminded me of my former boxing partner whom I called the "mosquito" because of their fast and fury jab-cross-hook and fancy footwork.  A intimidated me especially with her south paw stance - she would always make me go fast and fury ...

A few years later, I got to know her.  I am very old, could be her mother, then I learned - A is an MS patient.  She has multiple sclerosis and succumbed to the art of boxing because of the beauty of the sport.  A loves Nietzsche, philosophy and science.  A is my soulmate, the daughter I never had.  She is happily married and she has blessed my crazy single lifestyle. Can you believe she even agreed for me to "fling" with this "unattainable" boy that lives Far away in the EU that is not available?  That's boxing people - thinking out of the box!

My point is this boxing gym is all about the few that dared to question and live out of convention - it's about the men and women who don't belong back in the days, but now it's their time.  It's also about the men and women that belong that are fed up with gyms that cater to those that belong.

The Cinderella Man gym is about people like myself and A - who are a syncopated beat - whose life is not measured by a quota, but where the quality of living is rich and forever young.

Are you in or are you out?

This is A and me:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Third Street Boxing Gym's New Manager

Teachers and mentors can inspire (or break) your life.  I was very lucky to experience the best of class mentors in my life.  While it is not within the scope of this blog post for me to give you my history of mentors in my cray-cray life of finding meaning for passion to perform, suffice it to say, that vis a vis physical fitness and boxing - I found my mentorship at Third Street Boxing Gym.

I was a geek, I am a geek an official NERD - one who is socially inept! I was never an athlete, made fun of and then some. Though in the last 10 years I fought my way to what I deserved and then I met my favorite gym and Brandy Rocha.

The combination of Brandy's passion and our gym's founder, Paul Wade's vision of passion to perform, allowed people like me to take our skills to the next level.  What that means is to find the fighter, the beauty and that passion out of each individual and make it shine - and both of them have reinforced that in me as well as a myriad of the gym rats.

Let's talk about Brandy - she had her struggles as a young girl, as we have experienced.  Brandy found her passion in expressing the "human condition" in perfect form.  She has overcomed the vicissitudes of life by means of discipline - the haiku of martial arts: jab-cross-hook, pivot and simply working hard.

Brandy has not only fought in the ring and in life, but has also demonstrated that life is a roller coaster that requires stringent discipline, daily tasks and a lot of energy.

Brandy Rocha is my hero and my mentor.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Third Street Boxers - shoegirl finds boxing

On blogpost entries, we decided between my boxing co-blogger and I on how to also give mad props to instructors and the students that have painstakingly invested their time in boxing and workout; such as to answer questions on boxing as:

* why would one do so?
* why do you want to teach?

We started a series that highlights instructors. Now, we thought perhaps another series dedicated to members of the Third Street Gym boxing community is due.

Who are these people that opt'ed to go boxing instead of going into a step-class, a zumba class or maybe succumb to a weekend or a once a month to yoga or TRX?

To sign-up for boxing regimen requires commitment, in spirit and devotion.

One of the best examples is a fantastic woman whom I believe I would like to pilot this - "who dares go boxing?".  In this pilot series is an ultra-chic, ultra beautiful woman of our Dogpath neighborhood.

Deefind redefines convention.

She is an artist fashionista that has dared to forge the art for the sake of art whilst in the process monetize the passion that she has believed in.  Her story is not as foreign to the technocrats of San Francisco's SOMA and Silicon Valley.  Her epiphany is simply defined in her business name - she found herself in art.

As you read her bio, let me tell you about my perception of Dee.  She is a conscientious student of boxing.  We meet without trepidation nor appointment simply during  sporadic classes, sometimes she is sleepy as I, sometimes she is energetic as I, sometimes she is just there.

She has a gifted height of 6 feet tall and a lovely body that encase her very calming demeanor. She is a force to be reckoned from a force to velocity standpoint, yet she is enveloped with a very soothing shell.  She is an artist of a very promising tomorrow, she designs shoes that could potentially make Prada or Miu-miu raise their brows and think - should we M "and" A?

She also has a heart of gold. She hosts charity events when she has to turn over out-of-season stock in order to give back to the community.  She is of a very San Francisco and Dogpatch spirit, with an unintended European deameanor.

This is my lunchtime boxing partner, let the picture paint a thousand words - Deefind: