Saturday, March 28, 2015

Two years later ...

A two year blog hiatus ... blame it on my work, that which gives me the "passion to perform".

Yet here I am again, boxing blogging as I am in-between-jobs. 

I gracefully submitted my resignation when a deluge of new hires that have blurred the vision and competent velocity that my boss and I had in that start-up - our amazing achievements were undermined, our process questioned and here comes the "hooligans", the barbarians and their obligatory pitbull (albeit definitely preposterously UGLY, unlike the hawt latin-Pitbull of the entertainment industry).

I learned that I should maintain all my "extra-curricular"activities (outside of having useless love affairs) but those activities that are productive - such as blogging, sports, reading philosophy-history-science-and-all-that-intellectual-non-sense.

Forgive me, but how can I resist my being in high-tech that allowed me to work in my adopted country, Italy?  I stayed as long as I can, but when the fundamental principles are questioned and when the stakes have been compromise, like a fighter, a boxer, the wise one would simply, with grace, exit.  Albeit, ... one day, just one day.

In the meantime. . .

 Yes, I was distracted from boxing blogging, but am here back again to write on boxing, SFBOXING, passion, technology, lessons from martial arts, and a little bit of Italy.

This is the reason for my hiatus.

The aeternal city - ROME - the city where the original boxing gym exists.