Sunday, March 29, 2015

original boxing gym - il Colosseo

The Colosseum (aka il Colosseo) is the original ringside, the world's largest arena where fight to survive was its main event of: man versus beast.

It could hold an estimation of between 50,000 and 80,000 spectators and was used for gladiatorial contests among other things.

The Colosseo's history spans centuries of bloodbath and political push and pull.  Unlike the ancient Greek Amphitheatre's purpose wherein the events of greek theatre were a means of education for the masses on stories, human and sociological best practices templates on how to live, the Colosseo symbolized a venue where human cutthroat survival was showcased in theatrical form.

It is the original boxing gym.  It represents the base human instinct of kill or be killed.  The Original Gangster venue.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

speed bag

Speed bag mastery is one of the most difficult skill to learn.  It requires mechanical coordination of both the sense of touch and sight - the hands-eyes coordination.  Both of these would need to be in sweet rhythmic resonance with the velocity and movement of the bag; it is where mechanical physics and a natural sense of rhythm and beat meets.

Initially I impose a certain pattern or beat:  1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2-3.  Gradually this movement, the beat and the sounds merge into one.  Through months or even the years, as one gets used to the mechanics required, you can progress as in a gradual crescendo and gently increase the velocity, from adaggio to veloce, to fortissimo.   And as you master this art, try to close your eyes and speed bag without the sense of sight, replacing sight with the sense of sound. 

Speed bag mastery is achieved when the sense of sound replaces the sense of sight; where sound, touch and your heart becomes one with the rhythmic dance of the bag.

the OG (original gangtah) Boxer

During my many decades of going back home to "Rome", a few years ago, I found the original boxer - an ancient digs that proved that boxers as a sport existed even in antiquity, when gangsters say, "Represent" - this is REPRESENT!

Italians do it BETTER!  :D

An ancient boxer's "hand - wrap" and a "dig" from some place in Rome, of course Rome!  the open architecture and city museum of the world!

Third Street Fighters - Laura and Dino

What I love about my boxing gym are the instructors.

They are hands-on - they do not walk the talk or vrroooom vrooooom the bike, they just fight to survive, they are human all too human.

It's those kinds of thing you have to respect only because what makes sense is not what is "constant" or "stationary" - one's survival depends on how one can survive through the peaks and troughs, the "waves" of physics and life.  When one is faced with life or death, with surviving or being eaten alive, one would swim or run or fight towards the finish line.

Join the fighters and the winners of life:

Two years later ...

A two year blog hiatus ... blame it on my work, that which gives me the "passion to perform".

Yet here I am again, boxing blogging as I am in-between-jobs. 

I gracefully submitted my resignation when a deluge of new hires that have blurred the vision and competent velocity that my boss and I had in that start-up - our amazing achievements were undermined, our process questioned and here comes the "hooligans", the barbarians and their obligatory pitbull (albeit definitely preposterously UGLY, unlike the hawt latin-Pitbull of the entertainment industry).

I learned that I should maintain all my "extra-curricular"activities (outside of having useless love affairs) but those activities that are productive - such as blogging, sports, reading philosophy-history-science-and-all-that-intellectual-non-sense.

Forgive me, but how can I resist my being in high-tech that allowed me to work in my adopted country, Italy?  I stayed as long as I can, but when the fundamental principles are questioned and when the stakes have been compromise, like a fighter, a boxer, the wise one would simply, with grace, exit.  Albeit, ... one day, just one day.

In the meantime. . .

 Yes, I was distracted from boxing blogging, but am here back again to write on boxing, SFBOXING, passion, technology, lessons from martial arts, and a little bit of Italy.

This is the reason for my hiatus.

The aeternal city - ROME - the city where the original boxing gym exists.